W a i t . . .

Slow down.

Use this moment to really think about and embrace this time of your life.

Take it all in and, 

                                   B R E A T H E . . .



I want you to think about why you're here. I want you to think about your person and all the reasons why you said yes. All of the moments, all of the memories and all of the love that has brought you to this exact point in time.

Now that you can't stop smiling (don't lie, I know you are!) I want you to know that these are the things I value. These moments and feelings that you are experiencing mean SO MUCH to me. This union that you two are planning is one of the most important adventures you will ever take, and I am here for you for EVERY PART of it because you deserve that on your wedding day.

If you value the details and small moments that happen from the time you and your squad are getting ready, till everyone is tearing it up at the reception on the dance floor - holla at your girl! If you value encouragement, support and hugs during the sometimes stressful but also non-stressful parts of the day - rest assured, I will do that for you with a smile on my face! I want my presence on your special day to excite you as much as being there excites me! Because that kind of connection creates images that mean something, and my goal is to capture you both in a way that means something to you and truly represents your love and everything that makes you and your best friend who you are.


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